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Hinged Tins Gifts, Crafts Specialty Bottle

    These hinged tin containers are made of high-quality, tinplated steel and are all food grade. Durable, economical and reusable, they're a great choice for small product packaging, such as mints and small candies. Completely customizable, these tins are great for creating inexpensive wedding or party favors. Wholesale prices are below.

Hinged Lid Tins Wholesale & Bulk Berlin Packaging

    Seamless hinged tins can also hold loose-leaf tea, tobacco, and other plant-based products, and close up tight to prevent deterioration from the air while keeping contents from spilling. While this type of container is traditionally called a tin, it is made with steel, giving it a solid construction.

Tins Wholesale Metal Containers Specialty Bottle

    Find your metal packaging solution here with a wide selection of tin containers. All of our tins are specifically manufactured with rolled edges for safe handling. Great for tea, candles, and cosmetics, tins are also ideal for spices, candies, and other dry products. Order …

Metal Tins Wholesale & Bulk Berlin Packaging

    Metal is sturdy, making it a popular packaging material that can withstand transport, and is able to store goods well. Metal is also recyclable and can be reused. Tins are available in tin-plated steel, and come in a variety of shapes, including round, oblong, square and rectangular. Some tins are also available with handles to double as buckets.

Buy Brilliant hinged tins At Irresistible Deals - Alibaba.com

    The quality of these hinged tins is guaranteed by critically vetting all sellers before certifying them on Alibaba.com. Consequently, only hinged tins that meet the approved standards are available on sale. They are mechanically resistant to the manufacturing processes which ensures they remain integral. Moreover, the hinged tins do not peel easily. With these attributes, they make transportation of …

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