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    Find all of your canned food necessities from Dollar Tree. Shop canned vegetables, soups, beans, broth, fruit, and more for all of your favorite recipes. For only $1 each, it's easy to stock up and save.

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Selling canned goods Prices?? 'Welcome to Crazy Canning ...
    As for pricing, here in NC we have to collect and send in State retail sales tax on everything. It's 7.25% so that has to be added into to the price you set. A 4 ounce sample jar is $3.25, 9 ounce jar is $6.50 for jams, and pickled pints are $6.00.

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    Not only is the cost per unit more affordable, but having the wholesale canned foods you need delivered to your home or business saves time. Buying bulk canned foods wholesale ensures that you’re always prepared, and our canned products have incredibly long shelf lives so …

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If you sell your canned products, how much to charge ...
    Jul 19, 2013 · Around here (rural Texas) the going rate is $3.00-3.50 for half-pints, $3.50-4.00 for pints, and $6.00 for quarts. When on holiday in Arkansas, I purchased some home-made canned chow-chow for $5.50 a pint, which I thought was a bit too pricey but they were gifts.

Home Canning 101 - Supplies, Process, Cost & Benefits
    Done properly, home canning is a satisfying, productive experience. However, it does come with some risks and special considerations: Risk of Scalding. Canning at home involves handling hot metal implements and working in close proximity to open pots of boiling water — and, if …

How to: Pricing Your Handmade Goods & Products – WhatTheCraft
    Jan 27, 2010 · Most standard pricing models will tell you to take your “at cost” price ($33) and double it for wholesale ($66). Then you’re supposed to double it again for retail ($132). My guess is that very few handmade artisans use that method to price their items.

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