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Home-based food businesses - Food Standards Australia New ...
    Home-based food businesses use their home (or someone else’s) to handle food for sale. This includes preparing food for local markets or school canteens, catering for events, B&Bs, farm-stay or childcare businesses and online food sales from home.

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    Home food business and local laws The Food Authority NSW says that if the handling of food for sale occurs at an address which is also a domestic premise, there are special food safety issues to consider. The authority also states the local councils regulate all domestic kitchens where food is prepared and directly sold to the final consumers.

Home-based food business Brisbane City Council
    Brisbane City Council will only consider applications for home-based food businesses if the nature of the food prepared and handled is low-risk. This includes baked goods such as cakes and cupcakes and other prescribed foods that are not potentially hazardous.

    If you want to make food from home to sell to others or even store food at home to sell to others, you are a food business and require registration under the Food Act 1984. A home based food business must comply with the requirements of the Australia NewFile Size: 526KB

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    Jun 02, 2015 · We’d advise against selling homemade food without a licence: all it takes is a single case of food poisoning or an overzealous health inspector to land you in hot water. The first step is to apply for a business licence from your local council.

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