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Texas Cottage Food Laws and Regulations: How to sell your ...
    Which foods are subject to the Texas Cottage Food law? Breads, rolls, biscuits. Sweet breads, muffins. Cakes (birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc. Pastries. Cookies. Candy. Coated and uncoated nuts. Unroasted nut butters. Fruit butters (the following homemade fruit butters are not allowed pumpkin, ...

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    Texas makes it easy There are no permits, licenses, or inspections required to start a cottage food business. Pickling, Canning, and Fermenting Everything you need to know about selling homemade pickled, canned, or fermented foods in Texas after September 1, 2019.

Texas Laws & Regulations for Selling Food Products From Home
    Dec 09, 2018 · candy. coated and uncoated nuts. unroasted nut butters, fruit butters, canned jams and jellies. fruit pies, dehydrated fruit or vegetables, including beans, popcorn and popcorn snacks. cereal including granola. vinegar, pickles and mustard. roasted coffee, dry tea, dried herbs or dried herb mix.

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    1) The law says you must sell your food only directly to the consumer, and that you may not sell wholesale. This means you may not sell it to a reseller. 2) Restaurants and wholesalers are bound by the Texas Food Establishment Rules and/or Food Manufacturers Rules, which do not allow them to sell homemade food, which is considered food from an “unapproved source”.

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    The production of salsa and canned foods fall under two specific federal regulations CFR 113 and CFR 114. In order to determine whether you must comply with these regulations, we recommend you first contact a Food Process Authority. Dr. Al Wagner a process authority in Texas - Texas A&M University Extension; 979-845-7023.

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    The All New Ball Book of Canning And Preserving: Over 350 of the Best Canned, Jammed, Pickled, and Preserved Recipes, May 31, 2016, by Ball Home Canning Test Kitchen; Ball Canning Back to Basics: A Foolproof Guide to Canning Jams, Jellies, Pickles, and More, July 4, 2017, by Ball Home Canning …

Selling Home-Canned Foods: Do It Safe, Do It Legal
    You can not sell home-canned foods contain meat, eggs or dairy such as pickled eggs, lemon curd, and pesto You can not sell baked goods, dried foods, flavored vinegars, beverages, foods that must be kept refrigerated to ensure safety, or any other item that is not a high-acid canned fruit or vegetable

The Laws Regarding the Selling of Homemade Canned Goods ...
    The Laws Regarding the Selling of Homemade Canned Goods. If your friends love your one-of-a-kind jams, pickled foods and other canned goods, it might be time to turn a hobby into a business. But because foodborne illnesses, contamination and improper labeling can cause serious illnesses, it's important to remain ...

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