Shivling In Home Is Good Or Bad

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Why We Should Not Keep Shivling At Home
    Dec 27, 2016 · One notion that prevents keeping Shivling at homes is the fear that menstruating ladies might desecrate the idol and invite the wrath of Lord Shiva. Times …Author: Sathya Narayanan

Importance and Benefits of Keeping Shiva Lingam At Home
    Apr 08, 2017 · It is important that while placing the Shiv Linga in your home you should be assured that you are also placing the jaladhara. This element is no doubt is a very important part of Shiv Linga. It is said that if you are worshipping the Shiva Ling without the jaladhara then there is a chance that bad …

Power of keeping a Shivling at home - One World News
    1. If you keep a shivling at home , you should worship it on a regular basis. 2. Never offer Turmeric to shivling because turmeric is usually used by women for beauty purpose and since shivling is a symbol of the male deity of shiva, turmeric should not be offered to it. 3. Never offer milk directly from the packet.

Why We Should Not Keep Shivling At Home? -
    As in temple Mantra Aaradhana for Lord Shiva is one of the important thing. In home there might be a chance to skip these routine. And so people are advising not to keep shiva lingam in home. If you feel busy and you have no time to do Abishekam or Offer Neivedyam it is …

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