– Established 2015 Melbourne –

To curate and develop kitchen and décor pieces that are classical, timeless and of exceptional quality… Basically, Academy is goods that make the grade.


Stocked in leading independent stores across Australia, New Zealand & Canada
We believe in simplicity, quality and functionality.




Academy looks back to a time when kitchen goods were bought for the long haul – used, passed down and cherished for generations. In many households there’s a trusty wooden spoon, a favoured tea towel or ‘that’ jug that have aided the preparation of countless family meals. These items are well-made, highly functional and timelessly stylish. Since 2015, Academy has ushered in a new era of kitchenware designed to be loved.




Good, classic taste is far more nourishing than ‘flash in the pan’ trends. Whilst keeping function paramount, Academy boasts dependable elegance in both material and design. We use elements of marble, beechwood, linen, ceramics, iron and recycled glass through the collection to make products that look elegant and are worthy of leaving out on display.



It is our goal to craft kitchen and décor staples that will be relied on from season to season. Academy’s goods don’t just look the part – they are designed to be used again and again. We create products with attention to detail in construction and finish, tested for durability, comfort and function.